Juan Harnie




- PXL/MAD-faculty, Hasselt (BE)

Master of Fine Arts: Object & Jewellery
- Syntra, Tongeren (BE)

Goldsmithing and jewellery design
- PXL/MAD-faculty, Hasselt (BE)

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Object & Jewellery
- Sint-Lukas Art School, Brussels (BE)

Architectural & Interior Arts


Exhibitions & fairs

- Kunstennacht (Art night) by J is for jewellery,
Hasselt (BE).
- Particle(s), Brussels Jewellery Week
- Talente, Masters of the future 2024
, Munich (DE). 
- (UN) Avowable secrets by Alliages
, Munich (DE). 
- Jillian Moore & J is for Jewellery
, Munich (DE). 
- The space between
by Precious Collective, Munich (DE).
- The space Between,
Magan Gallery, London (UK).
- Missing Memories by Alliages. 
      Contemporania, Barcelone (ES).
      Lalabeyou, Madrid (ES)
- Hairy Style,
Pont & Plas, Ghent (BE).
- DNA, Espace Solidor
, Cagne-Sur-Mere (FR).
- Kunstennacht (Art night) J is for Jewellery
, Hasselt (BE).
- Battle Of The Pins (Polyphonous),
Munich Jewellery Week, Munich, (DE).
- Missing Memories by Alliages, Munich Jewellery Week, Munich, (DE).
- J is for Jewellery (Polyphonous),
Munich Jewellery Week, Munich, (DE).
- Missing Memories
by Alliages, Lille (FR).
- Battle Of The Pins
@ Alliages, Lille (FR).
- Battle of the pins by Precious Collective
at Alliages, Lille (FR).
- METALLOphone: Memory of the place,
Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Vilnius (LT)
- Dream Machine, NYCJW 2022.
Industry City, New york (US).
J is for Jewellery at Handgemarkt.
Genk (BE).
- Until Death do us part, Alliages
       Lille (FR).
       Brussels Jewellery Week 
       Munich Jewellery Week 
​- Linked Connection @ Culture Lab LIC, New York (US)
- Internal Expression by Splopdesign. Curated by Lauren Kalman.
- Wolibo & Co group exhibition @ gallery Pont & Plas. Ghent, (BE).
- Painful Hope by Alliages @ Lalabeyou. ​Madrid, (ES).
- Linked Connection @ New York City Jewelry Week.
- Precious Collective Online Jewellery Week.
- Design september 2021, ART and craft. BE WELCOME. Pont & Plas gallery invited by Isabelle Azais. Brussels (BE)
- Precious things in times of uncertainty, Alliages, Lille (FR)
- Precious things in times of uncertainty, virtual exhibition at Radiant Pavilion, Melbourne (AU).
​- Persona, virtual exhibition by The Holy Art gallery, 03/2021 London (UK)
- Painful Hope @ Alliages, Lille (FR)
- Broken Beauty virtual exhibition by Alliages @ Lalabeyou, Madrid (ES)
- Broken Beauty @ Alliages, Lille (FR)
- MAD about INHORGENTA, Munich (DE)
- Not Only Decoration
@ Alliages, Lille (FR)
- Not Only Decoration @ Cbijoux's Gallery, Monthey (CH)
- MAD about INHORGENTA, Munich (DE)
Smaak Makers, Modemuseum (Fashion Museum) Hasselt (BE)
Beijing International Jewelry Art Exhibition, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Park (CN)
Smitten Collective expo, Gitschotellei 82, Antwerp (BE)
Exhibition In Print: Repair and renewal: Making things whole again, Metalsmith Magazine vol 37 N°4
- Selection Exhibition In print repair and renewal, Contemporary Craft, Pitsburg (US)
- Alliages Permanent Collection 2017, Lille (FR)
- Alliages: Empreintes 2017, Lalabeyou, Madrid (ES)
Your eyes burn like wildfire, Regina Mundi monastary, Genk (BE)
- Triple Parade Central Exhibition:
Shengxi Museum of Fine Arts, Tianjin (CN)
Gauguin Gallery, Beijing, Wangjing SOHO (CN)
- 12th Jewelry Award Expo:
 DiamondLand, Antwerp (BE)
 Tour & Taxis, Brussels (BE)
​ Diamond Museum, Bruges (BE)
- Alliages Permanent Collection 2016, Lille (FR)
Unlikely Beauty, Duo expo, Galerie Beyond, Antwerp (BE)
- Joya Barcelona (ES):
Alliages Permanent Selection
Alliages Legacy Award
Handmade in Belgium, CC Hasselt (BE)
Myths - Test drive, Munich Jewellery Week (DE)
MADexhibitionistsSieraad 2015, Amsterdam (NL)
- Medical Pavilion, Sieraad 2015, Amsterdam (NL)
Marzee Graduate Show 2015, Marzee, Nijmegen (NL)
Time Related, Beyond Fashion, Antwerp (BE)
EXIT Extended, Graduation show, Multiple, Hasselt (BE)
EXIT, Graduation show, Hasselt (BE)
MADexhibitionistsMunich Jewellery Week (DE)
Meet your MADch, PXL, Hasselt (BE)
Eco-Jewel Fair, Houthalen (BE)
Randgeval, Merlijn, Wezembeek-Oppem (BE)
MAD-Multiple, Multiple, Hasselt (BE)
MAD-Valentine, Galleriet, Genk (BE)